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Barbara Scott

Barbara Scott is old enough to have had to wait until 1972, when she was 24, before she could vote in a presidential election!  The wait was difficult for a person who has always been interested in politics; especially the politics of the United States.  She does not consider politics to be a bad word or many politicians to be bad people.  Born in Washington, D.C., she is the daughter of a lifelong civil servant who worked from the age of 18 until he retired, for various agencies of our federal government.


Barbara is a retired public school teacher with a B.A. in Theater and an M.A. in Elementary Education with a reading specialty, who is a gardener, and an avid reader who enjoys writing.  She and her husband, John Hotvedt, live atop a beautiful hill in scenic Liberty Township in Susquehanna County.   Barbara is a person who holds truth and the rule of law in the highest regard.  She is very excited about working on this podcast with a group of women whom she admires and looks forward to collaborating with!


Liz Kearney

Liz Kearney has been a civics geek since college PoliSci, learning the difference between Left and Right.

She is a new resident of Franklin Forks Township, near Montrose. She moved from Livingston, Montana, where she was a newspaper reporter, covering local government, education, and Yellowstone National Park.

Liz first vote in a presidential election was in 1980, and she still feels guilty for voting for John Anderson.

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Twitter: Livingstonfan

Judy Herschel

Judy Herschel believes in political transparency, community unity, honesty in the media, and  the GREAT POTENTIAL for our country in people come together, learning from one another, and discovering common ground.   A public servant for most her life, her experience in the criminal justice, healthcare, educational, and political systems, has allowed her to attain a broad perspective on our culture.    She has developed treatment and educational programs in community, healthcare and criminal justice settings. She has held many town hall meetings to discuss community issues and solutions.  An advocate for human rights, rural needs and restoring faith in our political system, she narrowly lost a US Congressional Primary race in 2018.


She is raising  2 amazing young boys with her husband Eric.   She currently substitute teaches in the rural public education system, is a member of several community advocacy organizations, serves on the board of directors at a local health care organization and is embarking on an active County Commissioner Campaign in rural Susquehanna County, PA.   She’s an everyday working mom that loves her community, her country, her family, her friends ,animals, archeology theoretical physics and a good ghost story.

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