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Can the ERA movement be revived and should it be?

Food Insecurity:  A Growing Problem

Food Insecurity:  A Growing Problem (Part 2)

Education: Do the Discrepancies in our country’s education system dictate a need for a guarantee of k-12 education for all.

Climate Change: "Climate Change" is now "Climate Catastrophe" and our leaders are not yet motivated to act

Voting: Voting is a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution.  Let's make sure our elections are free and fair!

2019 Election: Vote Democratic this November 5th. Hear from our Pennsylvania Democratic candidates. 

How to talk as Democrats at the Thanksgiving table if the conversation turns to politics.

"Healthcare in the U.S.  is complicated but we have to make it available to as many Americans as possible!"

"How do we shore people up? Universal income during the pandemic is one idea."

"Coronavirus 2: What happened to civility"

"Judy, Liz and Barbara talk about living, voting, being in Susquehanna County in their Coronavirus Zoom Pod One" 

"Little Leaf, a responsible local business, plus three women venting"

"Our fathers and grandfathers fought and died protecting our democracy from fascism during WWII. Aren't we all anti-fascists?"

"What's a Social Distance 5K anyway? And, invitation to participate in our V.P. Contest, ETC."

"'Black Lives Matter' is NOT a 'symbol of hate' as President Trump has called it. If it's a symbol it is a symbol that is hundreds of years in the making, of INJUSTICE."

"The truth is not getting out there. It's not political, it's the truth and lives are at stake.' Mask talk. No leadership in the White House. Rumors and untruths abound. Deaths are on the rise in our country and our current Republican administration doesn't seem to care."

 "How do podcasters spend their time? The Tulsa Black Wall Street massacre. And, remembering the late great John Lewis and more."

"VP Pick"

"Shout out to those women who came before us 100 years ago this month to guarantee our Constitutional right to vote."

"News Alert: Democrats don't drink babies' blood, nor worship Sata. Democrats did not create the Covid-19 Pandemic in order to win the election in November."

"Out of date because too much is happening way too fast" Or "From theoretical physics to canoeing down the Susquehanna, hear our thoughts."

Episode 24

"Your vote is a chess move for the world you want to live in.  Also, are you having a really good hair day Judy?"
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Episode 25

"Ways to get through the next few days.  It will be nice to have a president who cares. It will be nice not to have to follow EVERY NEWS CYCLE."  Please make plan to Vote if you haven't!!

BeforeElectionPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 26

"Is an election close when one candidate gets over 5 million more votes than the other one? By the way, Democrat's LEGAL votes count too Congressman Keller!"
postelectionpodReality Check Chat
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Episode 27

"Thanksgiving to Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and of course PENNSYLVANIA! "
ThanksgivingPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 28

"Trump Admin defining numbers: 26-women accusing Trump of sexual assault. 26-million (and rising) households with not enough to eat."
gettoworktrumpReality Check Chat
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Episode 29

 "New Year's Resolutions and several post election RANTS"
PostXmasPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 30

"We've heard false rumors that the coronavirus vaccine can change your DNA.  'WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?''
VaccinePodcastReality Check Chat
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Episode 31

"Podbuddies talk about their first full night's sleep in four years."
InauguralpodReality Check Chat
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Episode 32

"A new way of looking at bipartisanship.  The $15 per hour minimum wage has support among Republican, Democratic and Independent Americans alike."
$15hourpodReality Check Chat
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Episode 33

"Black History and some reactions to the so-called trial verdict."
BHMonthPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 34

"Listen to Reality Check Chat podsters as they give a shout out to women they admire, with a special guest contributing with a bio of Senator Tammy Duckworth."
womenhistoryReality Check Chat
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Episode 35

"As members of Congressman Keller's 'special interest' group, Barb, Liz and Judy lay out all the wonderful attributes of the American Rescue Plan. Goodbye foodbank austerity.  Goodbye trickle down. Goodbye it's all your fault you're poor, sick, hungry and uneducated."
AmericanRecoveryActPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 36

"Unions are not responsible for 'lay-offs and bankruptcies of businesses.' Businesses are responsible for lay-offs and bankruptcies of businesses."
UnionPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 37

"Let's pass the 'For the People's Act' because after all voting rights are non-partisan, or at least they should be."
VotingRightsPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 38

"Our founding fathers were deists.  It's a myth that America is a 'Christian Nation.' And, we are the PARTY OF LOVE aren't we?"
Church&StatePodReality Check Chat
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Episode 39

"Listen to how our Voter Suppression Topic made us wander into race relations, the Civil War and Robert E. Lee High School and the confederate flag suit worn by a history teacher there."
VoterSuppressionPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 40

The Democrats’ American Rescue Plan includes a “Child Tax Credit” that may very well cut child poverty by 40%. Judy and Barbara discuss the details. 
ChildTaxCreditPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 41

 "Listen to Judy, Barbara and Kate's take on Jane Mayer's important article, THE BIG MONEY BEHIND THE BIG LIE in the August 9th issue of The New Yorker magazine. What is a "forensic audit" anyway?"
MayerNYERPodcastReality Check Chat
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Episode 42

"Does abstinence work? NO! Will making abortion illegal make abortions stop happening? NO! Don't women have a right to plan families that the can support? Will antiabortion legislators support unwanted babies until they are adults? NO!"
ProChoicePodReality Check Chat
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Episode 43

"It's ELMER GANTRY time in the U.S. of A. But this time it's not snake oil; it's ivermectin, "masks are worse than bad," and other misinformation and lies that Dr. Simone Gold, the AFD or American Frontline Doctors, several of our doctor Senators and other medical professionals are spreading across the Internet and into the waiting minds of undemocratic converts. Here's our "Bad Doctor" podcast."
BadDocPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 44

"Wouldn't it be nice if Democrats could actually pass some form of President Biden's Build Back Better and Infrastructure bills? We think so too. Democrats need to VOTE and they need to pass legislation for ALL AMERICANS once they are elected."
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Episode 45

"The Republicans are winning the media messaging. We want to send a winning message with the BIF (Infrastructure) Bill. CRT vs. BIF. BIF is For the People. CRT is a dog whistle. Road and bridge repair across the country, drinking water infrastructure, affordable broadband for all including our rural county of Susquehanna in Pennsylvania."
BIFPart2Reality Check Chat
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Episode 46

"Gun rights seem to outweigh abortion choice rights and Barb and Judy do not think that that is right! Also, Blow's Op-Ed, Omar's death threat and more!"
preholiday21Reality Check Chat
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Episode 47

"Our pledge is to get more volunteers in our little county of Susquehanna Pennsylvania to work to persuade non-voters and sometime voters who are Democrats and left leaning Independents to be sure to get out and vote, and if possible volunteer to help in that endeavor.  November is CRUCIAL!"
NewYearPodReality Check Chat
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Episode 48

"We want to promote the Covid-19 Vaccine.  In the words of our former losing President Trump, 'People aren't dying when they take the vaccine.'  Yes, truly, he did say that recently and we agree."
VaccinePromoVol4Ep49Reality Check Chat
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Episode 49

Our Voting Rights Are Under Siege!

Judy, Liz and Barb talk about the attacks on our voting rights and some of the ramifications with a subplot discussion of whether we will suffer a new Civil War as some think. In the words of our 39th President Jimmy Carter, "I fear for our democracy." And, Judy serenades us.
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Episode 50

"We each take a topic: Gas prices are not Biden's fault and he can't fix them; Polarization is not Biden's fault and although we don't discuss this, he can't fix this either, it's us versus them and they must win; and a pipe dream regarding "billionaires," let's reduce them to "billionaire." And, finally for Ukraine, we do not have high hopes."

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Episode 51

Saving Democracies One At A Time

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Episode 51

"As women podcasters we are teetering between hope and hopelessness as "our" Supreme Court runs amuck.  We are grateful that we dodged the "administrative coup" bullet in 2020 but only if Democrats get out in droves and vote for Democrats this November. After all, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate was endorsed by President Trump and is a purveyor of snake oil and the Republican candidate for governor is a Jan. 6th "stop the steal," alternate slate of electors advocate who tried to toss out our votes from 2020. How are we laughing at anything? I don't know but we are!

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Episode 52

"The great march backwards for women in the United States and in the World (Iran, Afghanistan, Italy, Russia et. al.) moves on. Judy, Barb and Liz talk about all this and urge everyone to get their friends and family to GOTV.  Early voting by mail has started in Pennsylvania.  It's imperative that Democrats march in huge numbers to the ballot box.  Let's prove the pollsters wrong.  The criminalization of reproductive rights in many states must be stopped with the codification of a woman's right to choose embedded in a federal law."

GOTV&othernewsReality Check Chat
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Episode 53

"You may not hear from us again if you don't get your friends out to vote with you Tuesday. So much is at stake! Also, Judy, Barb, and Liz talk about misinformation, doctors leaving states that have banned reproductive healthcare, Judy's nails and our cute purple glasses.  Please Vote if you haven't already."

V-day11 8 2022Reality Check Chat
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Episode 54

"We start off crowing and feeling, "Blessed to have a 'friggin' governor-elect, Josh Shapiro, who is respected and appeals," (for now anyway) to a wide electorate. Not to mention, but we do, our new Senator from Pennsylvania, thanks to help from rural counties, John Fetterman. And, we float onto other topics like the possibility of an autocrat elected in 2024? YIKES!"

V-day11 8 2022Reality Check Chat
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Episode 55

"Democrats are not "Devilcrats" who eat babies. We're just neighbors to everybody. We're just people who want the same things as everyone else. We feel we shouldn't hate each other. We should disagree, there's a difference. Why do Democrats in rural "red" areas feel that they have to hide their political preference? Politics is about good governance. Isn't it?"

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Episode 56

Congresswoman Brobert won by 546 votes in the Colorado 3rd. Is that a mandate? No. Congressman Santos lied about just about everything. "Who doesn't lie on their resume?" The three of us! Do we really need a congressional investigation at taxpayer expense on school boards that don't allow right wing white supremacists to VIOLENTLY disrupt their meetings to see if they are picking on conservatives? We think not, but, "Let's not get upset until we know more," says Judy who attended Governor Shapiro's ball in her new sequined black gown.

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Episode 57

"So we're about to go back to SNAP benefits that run out after 20 days and require unhealthy eating habits for seniors and single parents and other low income families to survive! Sad that we can't keep these benefits for our country's poorer citizens. And we are glad that our county jail is not like the Harrison County Indiana Jail where jailors act more like inquisitors from the Middle Ages than protectors of citizens."

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Episode 58

"We know we’re preaching to the choir, but here are a few talking points for our listening friends. And, if you’re not a listening friend, it’s easy to become one! Subscribe. Today we address the bias against the LGBTQ Community, the proliferation of anti-life laws across this country, President Biden’s Budget, John Fetterman’s courage and Mitch’s hypocrisy, and more."

BidenBudgetPlusLGBTQReality Check Chat
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Episode 59

"Judy, Liz and Barb talk about a range of issues, most of which make them crazy. The activist Republican (versus conservative) Supreme Court heads the list. Followed by the erasing of our history of enslavement, Jim Crow, the Holocaust, and more and how it's tied to new white supremecist laws in states like Florida and Texas and the banning of books.  We talk about rising female syphilis rates. Listen to these topics and more and be sure not to miss our condom discussion through the generations (three)."

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Episode 60

"Indicted by the U.S. Justice Department Former President Trump is determined to darken the already dark times in a Republican America where minority politics rules. For Republicans, loyalty to party rules over the established rule of law and the threat to our democracy is as real as never before."

Indictment#2Artist Name
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Episode 61

"Once again our illustrious Supreme Court teases us with some voting rights decisions the American people agree with and then dumps three very contentious anti diversity, pro Christian, anti Constitutional (in the words of Justice Kagan) decisions on us.  Where do we go from here? We, along with the majority of us and the majority of our elected officials, have no idea.  Can we even fix this court? Sadly, probably not."

SupremeCourtRulingsArtist Name
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Episode 62

"We agree that whether or not a judge “leans conservative” as Judge Canon in Florida for Indictment number 2 the “Documents” case or “leans liberal” as Judge Chutkan in D.C. for Indictment number 3 the “January 6th” case, doesn’t matter.  The law is the law.  Judy shares the “buzz” that Ivanka and Jared have thrown daddy under the bus.  That of course remains to be seen, literally if the trial is televised.  Which we hope it is.  We transition to a conversation about the death penalty fluctuating between views on this and whether life in prison without parole might be a worse punishment. Winding up with some good news about all the millions of 18 year olds eligible to vote in 2024 and finally with Willie Nelson!"

3rdIndictmentArtist Name
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Episode 63

"Barb and Liz amuse each other while Judy's not really on vacation. Hee Hee. Just kidding. She's working hard and vacationing from us.  We found the idea of the Republicans who want to prevent Trump from running because he tried to overturn the election vis a vis the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution interesting.  Especially since some in NH want to keep him off their primary ballot so the Supreme Court, that non-partisan body, can decide the issue  of whether or not he is eligible for office before their early primary.  We curious about how the Supreme Court will rule on this in the unlikely event that they take up the case! We talk a bit and more about our favorite actors: Trump, DeSantis, Haley and Mitch (who by the way is one year older than Mick Jagger). Let us know what you think!"

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Episode 64

"Doctors are moving away from states with abortion bans and restrictions, leaving women without medical care whether they are 19 or 90. Most Americans overwhelmingly are for legal reproductive freedoms like trust in doctors, birth control options, as well as abortions. We ponder what "abortion reversal" even means and caution listeners that "post birth abortions" are not happening, even if this is a term you may have heard. And, it sounds like an oxymoron anyway.  No one is killing babies that are born alive! As Liz says, "Who wins when Americans fight with each other?" We're sure you agree, "No one!"

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Episode 65

"Barb, Judy (from Pennsylvania), and Liz (now from West Virginia) complain and moan but encourage listeners' engagement in this year's high stakes! presidential, and congressional election cycle. High stakes and potential obstacles. Many high stakes but women's reproductive health rights are at the top of the list."

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Episode 66

"Since the Independent Democratic Women no longer exists, (the group, not the women) we are just a few (3) “screwball Democrats." This means that we will not be able to afford to renew our website as of May 26th.  However, you should still be able to listen to our podcast through Spotify, Apple, and other places.  Let us know if you have problems!"

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