Defining The American Dream

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"Black History and some reactions to the so-called trial verdict."

Just Facts

Premiere Episode

Can the ERA movement be revived and should it be?

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Episode 2

Food Insecurity:  A Growing Problem

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Episode 3

Food Insecurity:  A Growing Problem (Part 2)

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Episode 4

Education: Do the Discrepancies in our country’s education system dictate a need for a guarantee of k-12 education for all.

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Episode 5

Climate Change: "Climate Change" is now "Climate Catastrophe" and our leaders are not yet motivated to act

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Episode 6

Voting: Voting is a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution.  Let's make sure our elections are free and fair!

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Episode 7

2019 Election: Vote Democratic this November 5th. Hear from our Pennsylvania Democratic candidates. 

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Episode 8

How to talk as Democrats at the Thanksgiving table if the conversation turns to politics.

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Episode 9

"Healthcare in the U.S.  is complicated but we have to make it available to as many Americans as possible!"

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Episode 10

"Judy, Liz and Barbara talk about living, voting, being in Susquehanna County in their Coronavirus Zoom Pod One."

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Episode 11

"Coronavirus 2: What happened to civility"

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Episode 12

"How do we shore people up? Universal income during the pandemic is one idea."

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Episode 13

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Episode 14

"Little Leaf, a responsible local business plus three women venting."

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Episode 15

"Our fathers and grandfathers fought and died protecting our democracy from fascism during WWII.  Aren't we all anti-fascists?"

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Episode 16

"What's a Social Distance 5K anyway? And, invitation to participate in our V.P. Contest, ETC."

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Episode 17

"Black Lives Matter" is NOT a "symbol of hate" as President Trump has called it.  If it's a symbol it is a symbol that is hundreds of years in the making, of INJUSTICE.

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Episode 18

"'The truth is not getting out there.  It's not political, it's the truth and lives are at stake.'  Mask talk.  No leadership in the White House. Rumors and untruths abound.  Deaths are on the rise in our country and our current Republican administration doesn't seem to care.'"

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Episode 19

 "How do podcasters spend their time? The Tulsa Black Wall Street massacre. And, remembering the late great John Lewis and more."

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Episode 20

"VP Pick"

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Episode 21

"Shout out to those women who came before us 100 years ago this month to guarantee our Constitutional right to vote."

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Swing State Postcard webpage:

Episode 22

"News Alert: Democrats don't drink babies' blood, nor worship Satan.  Democrats did not create the Covid-19 Pandemic in order to win the election in November."

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Episode 23

"Out of date because too much is happening way too fast" Or "From theoretical physics to Canoeing down the Susquehanna, hear our thoughts"

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Episode 24

"Your vote is a chess move for the world you want to live in.  Also, are you having a really good hair day Judy?"

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Episode 25

"Ways to get through the next few days.  It will be nice to have a president who cares. It will be nice not to have to follow EVERY NEWS CYCLE."  Please make plan to Vote if you haven't!!

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Episode 26

"Is an election close when one candidate gets over 5 million more votes than the other one? By the way, Democrat's LEGAL votes count too Congressman Keller!"
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Episode 27

"Thanksgiving to Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and of course PENNSYLVANIA! "
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Episode 28

"Trump Admin defining numbers: 26-women accusing Trump of sexual assault. 26-million (and rising) households with not enough to eat."
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Episode 29

"New Year's Resolutions and several post election RANTS"
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Episode 30

"We've heard false rumors that the coronavirus vaccine can change your DNA.  'WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?''
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Episode 31

"Podbuddies talk about their first full night's sleep in four years."
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Episode 32

A new way of looking at bipartisanship.  The $15 per hour minimum wage has support among Republican, Democratic and Independent Americans alike.
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Episode 33

"Black History and some reactions to the so-called trial verdict."
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Our IDWSC "Just Facts" Campaign


The Independent Democratic Women overwhelmingly came to the conclusion that facts matter.  In this world of ours we need to be aware of what is real and what is not and we decided to take on the task of clarifying some misunderstandings and falsehoods that seem to surround and affect our lives more and more.  Thus we came up with our “Just Facts” campaign.


It may not be obvious how politics and how we view the world in today’s United States shapes us and inflicts pain on us, and gives us a leg up, and equalizes us or contributes to our inequality.  Having the facts, we believe, can help us view our world in a fairer and certainly more rational way.  For example, is a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment important to us?  The facts tell us that our environment is at risk.  Are women’s choices about their reproductive health guaranteed?  In today’s world this fact is being disputed.  Does the Second Amendment of our Constitution provide for free and unfettered access and use of any gun, anytime, anywhere?  The facts say otherwise.  Are we guaranteed by our Constitution the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit

of Happiness?  Some untruths attack these rights for some people.  Are our voting rights under attack?  What’s the truth about voter ID laws?  What’s the truth about voter fraud?  What’s the truth about election fraud?  What’s the truth about climate change?


We have heard from young women and seen for ourselves from young and old, that much of our country’s efforts to teach U.S. Civics to our nation’s citizens has gone wrong.  We hope to do our small part toward setting the record straight on how our democracy is supposed to work and on what rights we have as citizens of these United States.


And finally, but not the least of it, we hope to lessen the great political divide in our community.  We think listening to our neighbors while setting out some facts that we can all agree on, will perhaps not be walking the mile, but will be starting out on the trip to polite discourse, and intelligent debate.  We believe that employing tools like agreeing to disagree, researching factual information, reaching consensus, and loving our neighbors, can go a long way toward bridging the destructive political divide that seems to be entrenched in our communities.




Barbara Scott

Liz Kearney

Judy Herschel


Barbara Scott

Judy Herschel

John Hotvedt

Amanda Cook

Tyler Petriello


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Carl Hagstrom


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